What are the Different Types of SEO practices?

SEO (Search engine optimization) is the process of improving the quality and quantity of your website. It is also increasing website visibility on a search engine through specific key phrases related to your business.SEO is a highly effective technique of internet marketing that gives you long-term results if you can invest your proper time into it. There are various different types of SEO where you can take the benefits of them.

Different Types of SEO

Four Important Types of SEO Practices

Different types of SEO


On-page SEO is the first category of SEO practices used to optimize the webpage content and rank them in google. The common on-page SEO practices include keyword research and optimization, Meta title and Description, Heading tags, image optimization, and more.

  • Keyword Research:- Properly define the key phrase that you want to rank on the search engine. Do proper keywords research regarding high volume, competition, and relevancy. Consider those keywords that are high in volume but less in competition. Once you have defined the right keywords, you need to optimize the content by using this target keyword.
  • Properly optimize your meta tags:- Meta tags suggest the search engine robots about the content of a page . You ensure that your Meta title and Meta description include the target keyword phrase and properly optimize. So you have a great opportunity  to rank higher on Google.
  • Use internal links:- Internal links are the type of URL that links internally from one page to another page with the help of anchor text. Internal links on specific target keywords help Google understand your site better and make it user-friendly. Combining On-page SEO into your advertising efforts can better help the search engine to understand your web content. Once the search engine understands your web pages, it can automatically display your website in SERP through search queries.

Doing On-page SEO helps to optimize your content and other elements in a better way and also enhance the user experience.


Off-page SEO helps you to increase your brand exposure and trust of your business which finally provides you with more visitors and sales. This SEO is an activity that executes outside of the website that affects your ranking in the SERP. It optimizes your website by acquiring the links from another source of website to improve its visibility on search engines.

  • Pitching blogs for link building: – There are lots of guest posting and online publication websites that will accept the blogs and publish them. You ensure the site is appropriate to your business and involves a link back to your website.
  • Competitor research: – Find out your biggest competitors’ backlink profile then search where they are building the links and which site will enable a hyperlink.
  • Helping Reports:-There are various online services such as buzz stream or HARO where most of the reporters request from specific industry experts to link back to your website in the blog by offering up the information of the same expertise.You ensures that building the links from authoritative sources, brings high-quality traffic, and acquiring the  follow links from appropriate sites.


Technical SEO is subcategory of SEO activity that is performed to optimize the server that helps the search engines to crawl and index your website more effectively.It also helps to improve the organic ranking and enhance the user experience (UX). This type of SEO is always developing because search engine algorithms have consistently changed and become more complex.

  • Website speed:– A faster website is always good and enhances the user experience, Recently Google has included the lost of time variables and their page experience algorithm to be a ranking factor. Be ensuring make your website temple simple, optimize images properly, and limit redirects.    
  • Mobile friendly: – Today many users are switching from desktop to mobile to perform lots of searches about products and services. To make sure the website is mobile-friendliness and easy to navigate by users who visit through mobile phone.
  • Site structure: – Always use the HTTPS secure hypertext, user friendly and consistent structure of URL, constant internal links to allow your site structure make more concise.


Local SEO is another technique that comes in major types of SEO. This SEO is typically used to increase your business’s online presence in various local communities and advertise the product to local users.

Local SEO is done through Google My Business, where you need to include your name of business, address,photos, and review. Then, the SERP select your business based on the proximity, relevancy and user search query.

Advantages of local SEO

  • Free
  • Highly targeted
  • Greater opportunity to rank locally

Finally, After discussing four major types of SEO, we conclude that SEO is a very vast subject and a powerful tool for any website. It helps to improve the website’s health and increase its visibility on search engines.

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