How to Optimize your Instagram Profile?

After 2017, Instagram’s growth has risen by every day. Today, Instagram has one billion users, and it has become second most popular social media platform after Facebook. A user uses Instagram primarily to engage with photos and videos uploaded by their friends, family, and many brands. Most companies increase their businesses through user engagement with their products and services by 10 times.Your post on Instagram can be boosted by using simple and affordable feature of paid promotion, which is offered by the Instagram business account. Instagram recently revealed quite a few business tools that help the businesses to create the best site and expand their reach on Instagram. Earning engagement with your audience is a must to realize the possibility and potential of Instagram to expand your base. No doubt Instagram is a great competitive marketplace. And there are various methods to optimize your engagement and profile on Instagram.

How to Optimize your Instagram Profile

Methods to Optimize your Instagram Profile and Engagement

1. Boost Engagement with the same kind of accounts daily

Engagement brings engagement is a primary Instagram rule. You can optimize your account by interacting with other accounts of Instagram users. Getting back engagement to your account from accounts similar to yours is a time taking process. Here are some of the methods to find accounts similar to you:

  • Always review Instagram recommendations.
  • Discover accounts by placing keywords in the search bar. Also Search more accounts by using particular keywords for the most appropriate matches.
  • You can also find the accounts by searching related hashtags.

2.Pick Best Time to Post

Posting on Instagram at wrong time could be detrimental for post engagement. It would be best if your optimized Instagram profile engages during higher audience activity. You need to spend some time in monitoring and analyzing Instagram to learn more about the post timing. Learning about posts timing helps you in engaging your audiences. You can calculate 7 top posting times by analyzing the best performing posts from monthly data. Always discover the personalized best time to post on Instagram because each account has different followers from different time zones. In this manner, your followers and engagement increase.

3.Interact with your Instagram stories

More than 500 million users put their Instagram stories every day. There are various features in Instagram stories, such as multiple filters, location tagging, and GIFs.

Instagram stories are a good start for influencer marketing. Countdown sticker also enables the followers to chat, comment, experience, and share ideas. This is also a good method to optimize your instagram profile and engagement.

4.Analyze about New Content

A lot of Instagram algorithms identify your interesting post by choice of followers. This guides the post to reach followers’ feeds and in turn increases engagement in the first hour of the posting. Experimenting with content helps you to create a powerful strategy to grow followers.

Posting “Saveable” Content 

Instagram also has a save button option which enables you to save a post. Always create more contents that inspire your audience to engage with you.

Saveable content is the kind of content that the audience will need to review after some time. Posts in carousel form also give some valuable information and also increase the number of saves.

5.Use long-tail hashtags

Long hashtags are clear and contextualize your post. Placing the hashtags before specific items helps match it with the same tags and the tags are related through post. Your content will show to more people through likes and comments. Adding hashtags to your posts increases its visibility.

6. Post photos and reply to comments quickly

Engagement with photos with faces is 50% more than photos without faces. Posting photos with face increases engagement, irrespective of whether you are promoting or selling products. To advertise your brand, you can also upload your photos with your clients or hire any models to carry your products. By doing this, you can improve your brand and make it highly engaging with your audience.

Conversation with the audience helps the post to reach on the top of the feeds of followers. Consistent posts on Instagram are seen as valuable content. Always reply quickly to all comments.With quick reply you can enhance your instagram profile and more audiences will engage with your account.


Instagram is the best advertising digital marketng platform for most of the businesses. But if you have an unattractive profile, it will be tough to increase engagement. So you should create engaging content, Above mentioned tips will help you to grow huge audience.

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