Long Tail vs Short Tail keywords.Whats the differences?

This blog article will study longtail vs short tail keywords and their differences. Researching keywords is a crucial element of SEO (Search Engine Optimization or PPC(Pay Per Click) marketing campaign. Selecting the best keywords for your website is important for the business’s long-term growth. So we will describe everything that you want to learn about the long tail vs short tail keywords.

What is short tail keyword?

A short tail keyword is a word or terms that includes less than 3 words . For example:- Sports shoes, mobile phones or Dvd Player.

Short tail keyword is also called as “Head phrase”. This type of keyword may be the first thing that comes to your mind when you decide where to purchase (sports shoes or any guitar), where to visit to eat(“Chinese cuisine), and where to worship (temple or any church ).

Examples of Short tail keywords

Examples of short-tail keywords include 1 or 2 keywords such as Digital Marketing, movie review, cat food, buy laptops, fast food, and other short-tail keyword phrases covering broad topics.

Short tail keywords

 What is Long-tail keyword?

Long-tail keywords are phrases or words that include more than 3 words. These keywords are a little different and always compared than short-tail keywords. They are more targeted but not as much as broad. From long-tail keywords, you may not receive lots of search traffic, but the traffic you bring in is the type you are exactly looking for

Various examples of long tails keywords such as “sports shoes for men” or “blue diamond engagement ring”. Long keywords are more clear than short-tail keywords. But there are some Benefits  and drawbacks for both keywords.The kind of keywords that you need to utilize in your marketing campaign all depends on the traffic that you want to drive to your website.

Examples of Long Tail Keywords

Longtail keywords include four or more keywords, such as the best restaurant in Austin, Texas, best sports shoes for men, and other longtail keywords that cover a particular topic.

Long tail keywords

Comparison chart of Long Tail Keywords Vs Short Tail Keywords

The major difference between a long tail and a short tail keyword is that longtail keywords have four or more words or phrases while short-tail keywords have one or two words or phrases. These keywords are the opposite because short-tail keywords are used for general topics, and longtail keywords are used for targeted questions.

Long tail vs. Short tail keywords?
Long Tail Vs Short Tail Keywords


Short Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords have many things that work and that don’t work For example, if you want more traffic to your website, then you should use short-tail keywords.. The challenge is that if your site is fresh new or your SEO efforts are just beginning, so you are too far behind in line.


  • High Volume

When we talk about the volume, short-tail keywords always win against the long-tail keyword.  More keyword are short the more search volume..If you rank for a short tail keyword, you definitely get a lot of organic traffic.

  • High competition

The search volume is very high on short-tail keywords, and we all know that everyone is trying to rank on a search engine for these keywords because the reward is high, but the rank on short-tail keywords is highly competitive.


  • High Cost

The short tail keyword also has a cost factor issue, which gets more expensive. To use the short-tail keywords the google ads will be charged you at higher cost. Because many people are buying, you need to pay a premium to your existence in google searches.

  • Low Conversion Rate

Finally, the short tail keyword has a low conversion rate. For example, While those audiences may be your livelihood,the fact is that if you long tail keywords,you might have more chances to achieve your goals However, if you get 5000 searches and 50 clicks, the conversion rate may come from one or two audiences .while those audiences may be your bread and butter, the truth is that if you take long tail keywords, you might have more chances to rank.

Long Tail Keywords

Long-tail keywords are the same as the forest bear. They can be inactive for a while, but they are generally quite harmful when they are active. Like a bear, there are not too much things that we compete with these keywords.


  • Low competition

The competition is low when you have decided to choose long-tail keywords when you have search phrases like”best sports shoes in India “or “best snickers in India”so you are getting traffic. The good news is if you are selling these products and another person is selling the same products. The search is moving to be beneficial for your product, and the competition for particular traffic will be low.

  • Low cost

Another benefit of the long tail keyword is that you will pay a lot of less amount to them. Google AdWords reduced the prices for those searches thar are more detailed and contain more terms. This means that your won’t show highly in common inquiries, but you will be charged a lower for these keywords.

If you have people who are finding your specific things, as we mentioned above, you will have a fair easier time converting your generated traffic into real-time customers.


  • High focus

The targeted nature of the search traffic — like the low competition made apparent , you get will, for most businesses selling custom-made things, be ideal. Chances are high you will have people looking for the best sports shoes for men or affordable sneakers for men. This means, voila!,  you will have an opportunity to have customers you are looking for.

  • Higher conversion rates

 Besides, if your customer loves what they receive from the selection of long-tail keywords, although they don’t purchase the first time around. But they might be far more likely to come back to your online stores because your site told to their your specific needs.

  • Low Volume

The traffic volume of the long-tail keywords is bearing to be far less. For some kinds of businesses, this may be the wrong thing. But if you have well goods that you are selling and you are attempting to stick to your certain customers, you may not need a lot of eyes to watch your storefront.

Is Keyword should be long or short?

Keywords must belong when you target the people from search engines and are easy to convert into customers. Longtail keywords help to increase traffic and generate conversion. When you need to rank your article on a particular phrase, you should use short-tail keywords. This Keyword is used to increase brand awareness instead of generating conversions.

Are Long Tail Keywords Good?

Longtail keywords are suitable for users and website owners because they get the best results from search engines and ad campaigns. Long keywords are good for SEO purposes because these keywords are less in competition. Yet a Good SEO strategy will include short and longtail keywords. Longtail keywords are suitable for putting the central pillar for your content cluster strategy, while longtail keywords are suitable for the single web pages used for your Topic cluster strategy.

How Should Lengthy Keywords Be?

A keyword should lie between 3 to 5 words that highly affect your SEO and PPC struggle. Keyword near this length has a perfect combination for search intent, lower competition, traffic volume, and higher conversions than one or more than five words of keywords. It doesn’t mean you can generate web pages that select highly long keywords more than the above suggestion.

But recognize that these pages’ keywords do not have a lot of monthly searches because they have more targeted search queries on the long tail digital marketing scope.An excellent strategy for SEO and PPC is the newer your website.The longer Keyword you need to use because they don’t need as much authority for ranking in google and have Low CPC.As your website gets old, it creates authority and acquires more backlinks, and the shorter the keywords you can go after, it is easier it to rank in search engines with more competitive keywords. Your ad budget may enable you to pay high CPC.


As discussed above, we found that the primary difference between longtail and short tail keywords is the number of words created by each term or phrase. These keywords depend on the website age, advertising budget, and how much you have experience with SEO. You can use longtail keywords to attract traffic if your website is new. After your website gets old through content and backlinks, it will appear on short-tail keywords within the competitive term. This will be a strategy you need to keep in mind while selecting keywords.

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