The 5s of digital marketing is a simple structure to review and define an organization’s top-level digital marketing goals. The 5S defined by PR smith in Chaffey, D.and Smith, P.R.(2017)Digital Marketing, Excellence, Planning, Optimising and Integrating Digital Marketing,5th Edn, Taylor and Francis. They included the 5s In the first edition in 2001

Sell-To first increase sales in 5s of digital marketing 

It involves direct sales online, where products can be sold online, and sales are generated from offline channels that are influenced online. Customers cannot obtain through wide distribution. You also can’t easily get service through a wider range of products than offline or perhaps in-store or at lower prices than other channels.This first step is the most important step in 5s of digital marketing.

Speak-Build the relations with customers

Personality is a relational builder or sometimes a breaker. That expectation is as relevant to the Brand as it is to the people. Developing your Brand is the key to success. When we speak about Brand, the word is no longer reserved for your trademark or logo. It includes everything that defines the personality of your organization. it’s how you think, how you communicate, how you behave, and how you are observed.

When we are responsible for promoting the Brand, we need to be mindful of communicating about that personality. To get closer to the people, we need to enter into conversations, participation, and secure their engagement. For the success of any relationship, Communication is the key. It is a tool that is worth investing in , recognizing in and respecting as all-powerful. Especially in digital marketing, Brand and personality are always on entities.

We no longer define our business hours. Our digital presence makes our organization available 24/7 to those we live to serve and try to connect with. We don’t define when or how they connect with us. Still, we can assure that our Brand’s personality is ever-present in the conversation whenever they need to communicate and interact.

5s of digital marketing


Your website and social channels are where people approach to connect with you and seek help, so they live to serve and add value to your audience.For those working in the commercial space, your website enables the customers to find products and relevant information to make their purchases quickly and easily.In the most basic knowledge,

Membership organizations live to serve a community by giving a direct joining process that provides access to the value of memberships. These values often involve relevant content, easy-to-find quality, and the best services that will hold them coming back and renewing with ease year on year.Providing information and a public face to your charity plays a vital role in helping you to gain and maintain trust while inspiring potential fundraisers and donors with heart-warming life stories.

Digital, with its many channels and tools, has a wonderful conduit for this. Charities provide extra supports to fundraisers such as materials, social media sharable content and easy sponsorship portals like just giving page. This page helps to increase giving and fundraiser loyalty with repeated patterns of involvement.

Content strategy is the most important key for every marketer. Make sure your content is easily sharable through onsite to every social media sharing option. You can also make sure your content should give value to your client so that it helps you to drive traffic to your website. And don’t forget to monitor your success of what’s working; use Google analytics to know what is happening on your website; based on that, you can develop your strategy.

SaveSave costs

Achieved through email communications, sales, and services transactions to reduce the postage costs and staff. Saving also right through the web self-service where the customers answer the queries through online content.

Sizzle– Extend the brand online

Sizzle is the final goal of a marketer. It is about creating an effective, positive, engaging experience for your online brand that increases your audience’s satisfaction, advocacy, and recommendation from your audience. Finally, there are magic components that will help to grow your organization into the future.

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