How to Find out what Keywords Competitors are Using?

Conducting keyword research is a great method to boost your search engine optimization. If you can gather your competitor’s keywords, you can utilize that perception to drive your SEO marketing plan and possibly earn competitive benefits in the search results.This blog post will teach you how to view your competitor’s keywords, learn about their ranking and related search volume, and understand how to use the data effectively.When we speak about competitor’s keywords, we generally direct to two keywords: one keyword that your competitors rank well and another keyword that your leading competitors are targeting but failed to rank well. Both types can tell your SEO keyword strategy.

Four Important Methods to Utilize Competitor Keyword Research

Take your competitor’s keywords to compete for ranking on the search engine results page.

  • Find and start targeting those keywords that your competitors have not targeted yet.
  • Find long-tail keywords utilized through your target market that you had not considered yourself.
  • Discover why your competitor’s website ranks on the first page of your particular keywords for broad search phrases.
Keywords Competitors

How to Discover Competitors’ Keywords 

Competitor keyword research is not a completely a simple task. You stop before searching keywords with convenient tools that create a list of competitor keywords.Even though tools can be extremely useful, you will have to do small manual work to collect a complete list of your competitor’s keywords.While there is no single tool to conduct a competitor keyword analysis, some other strategies open for a smooth research process.

Top 5 Tools for Gathering Your Competitors’ Keywords

Competitor HTML page source.

On the browser, visit your competitor’s website and select a specific page to watch out for keywords; then, open the page source by right-clicking on the page. A window page opens and shows the HTML source page code. Watch the code for the keywords in meta title, description, optional keywords, and any image alt text.

Screaming Frog Spider

Utilize the Screaming frog spider software to conduct a simple SEO audit on your competitor’s website. Install the software into your PC and then put your competitor’s website to crawl. Then, you will gain a lot of information about the website, including Metadata, anchor text, heading text, and many more. All of these features help to find your targeting competitors’ keywords.

Google Keyword Planner Tool

  • You need to create a free account on google to open the google keyword planner
  • Sign in Ad Words account, then navigate the keyword planner and discover “New Keywords
  • After Then select “Discover new Keywords.”
  • Once you have opened the form, click on “start with a website.” 
  • Put your competitor’s website, and then Google will crawl the website to generate the list of competitors’ keywords.


SEM rush has a great organic keyword tool that can display the ranking phrases for just about any website. It is easy to place a competitor’s website and watch the list of keywords that SEMrush offers.

But above that, the SEM rush tracker also offers the URL that ranks for every phrase, further enabling you to know what content marketing elements are performing extremely well for your competition.


Ahrefs is one of the tools widely used to read SEO blogs on the internet. Ahrefs also has keyword explorer, and while this is not a free tool, it turns a lot of power.

How to Take Advantage of Competitor Keyword Research

  • Numerous methods exist to analyze competitor websites. Here are a few great steps to start your work.
  • Keyword Explorer provides the user with many functionality and information valuable for advertisers and SEO. It is One of the most relaxed features, yet it brings a little different strategy to keyword research that is earning a grip in the SEO community. This segment enables the users to discover the hundreds or thousands of appropriate keywords by concentrating on a topic page, apart from the respective keywords themselves. 
  • Utilize the phrases for competitive benchmarking goals and watch how you stand up. Over time, this can be extremely helpful to watch how you are developing against the competition. You should also check out the backlink data of your competitors.
  • You can also watch the gaps in your blogs and keyword portfolio. This can also assist with your social media plan. 
  • Check your competitor’s keyword that encourages you to target new phrases and create relevant content. This is the best strategy that you can implement on your website.
  • It is necessary to know that you have competition with each competitor on SERP in terms of ranking

According to this content, keyword is one of the most crucial factor for SEO. It helps to increase the long term growth of a business and also helps to fulfill the search queries of users. There are various kinds of tools as we discussed above but apart from this tools we can also analysis the competitor keywords with various sources such as Html page source. You need to be doing the proper keyword research to find out in what keywords the competitors ranks well. You need to be well performed if you have to stay within the competition and do more efforts to rank higher on search results.

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