How SEO works in Digital Marketing?

Knowing how SEO works in digital marketing is one of the perfect methods that help you to earn high-quality web traffic to your website. SEO works through directed and redirected links in a conversion-oriented manner. At any time, somebody wants to find any information from the internet, they simply put the question consist of various keyword into a web search. And they get the list of sites that give the data about a reputed topic.

The vast majority of people visit the top search results because they normally asked query that includes reputable information. However, while optimizing any website, a SEO beginner may be confused by the amount of information available online. The SEO universe is filled with many search engines like Google, yahoo ,Microsoft bing etc. Along with them, there are various companies, professionals, assessments, discussions, and soon.

 Google defines one thing, then yahoo suggests something else. Also there are search engine results page, algorithm updates, paid marketing, organic rankings, backlinks, and penalties. And we can imagine the sky is the limit from there- That’s the reason, it can bring overpowering to understand how SEO works exactly.

Here are the 5 simple powerful steps that help to understand how SEO works.

How SEO works in Digital Marketing

5 Most important powerful steps that help to understand how SEO works in digital marketing

  • Understand on page SEO elements

On-page optimization of a website is likely the most critical part of how SEO works. You may have found various professional experts who significantly talk about link building which we will discuss later. However, link building without in keeping on-page SEO will not be as effective. Let us go through into minimum on-page SEO components that you should put into your each website pages including landing pages, homepage and blog pages etc.

On page SEO components to Know how SEO works

On page SEO components to understand how SEO works
  • Role of meta title or title tag:-

The title tag is one most essential element of On site SEO. It is a clickable text appears on the SERP or it is also mention as a heading of a particular content .The title tag updates search engines what really happens to the page. It may be around 65-70 characters and includes the brand name or a keyword that determine with that particular page .This title  is place between the <HEAD> </HEAD> tag close to the top points of the HTML for a specific page.

  • Role of Meta description:-

The Meta description is one of the most important factors that help to increase the traffic on a website. Meta description gives a bit of information about your content or what your page truly means. There may be always a polite argument about Meta description is ranking factor or not . In a view of your target audiences Meta description includes the target keywords that would appear under the title tag in SERP.

  • Role of WordPress :-

Utilizing WordPress is going to be more helpful. Including title tags and meta description is created simply in WordPress by the help of free and premium plugins such as Yoast SEO , all in one SEO and various other plugins, that helps to properly optimize your web page. Title and description are one of the most essential parts of SEO, there are many others as well.

Other On -page SEO elements to understand how SEO works in digital marketing?

  • Role of Header Tags:

Generally, an SEO friendly blog article uses three different levels of HTML header tags that break the content into different groups .Also the web crawler can easily find out the each segment of content. The H1 label describes the Title tag for each page. While the H2 and H3 tag describes the subheadings of the blog page. Utlizing the header tags helps the both on site visitors and webcrawlers. Seperation of content in different sections helps the user and crawlers to clearly understand your content.

  • Role of internal links:

The role of internal link building is not only the opposite of external links. You can give the direction to the web crawlers to visit another page which is internally linking with own content.

  • Role of image alt tag

If you using the images on your website, you should consider to place the keywords in alt text .This helps the search engines to identify the good images through the image search for any specific keyword.

Basic rule of How SEO works in On page optimization

Before we start, one thing you need to recognize when using any of the SEO elements is, not to overdo them and try too hard . You may be tempted to place a lot of keywords into your page, but this is not the right way to do the SEO. Even, Google has released a penalty target sites that have an extreme number of keywords stuffed into one page. So use the relevant keywords keep it basic , use up to five keywords for each page on your website.

After that optimize that keywords. In case you don’t know which keyword is used, try to get some amazing tools such as google keyword planner or ahref free keyword explorer to get some best suggestions about the right keywords.

  • Learn OFF page SEO Techniques

Link building is likely a beauty among the most discussed SEO topics in How SEO works in digital marketing Guide. The essential purpose of third-party references is to acquire links from different sites to your websites to get higher traffic and search ranking.

As your SEO challenge, if you consider positioning at the top of the results of SERP, then link building is like votes. Having attached links with keyword anchor text will help you rank remarkably for the keywords that connected via link building

So how would you acquire links?

There are some techniques to do it correctly -some good and some not all good. If you read more about external link building, you will hear ultimately about three types of link building methods

  1. Organic links:- These are the natural links that you don’t need to worry ,and that’s why it is noted as the best kind of links. Mainly if you can take them on your sites with high domain authority scores, they would be more effective and useful.
  2. Whitehat Links –  This essentially stays for Quality Link Building Services that you build to make progress towards
  3. Blackhat Links:– These are the spammy links of low quality and the kind you should stay away from that links.

Most websites experience considerable difficulties to generating natural links to increase their traffic and ranking in search engines. It may be possible if you don’t have any accurate information about the search engine. That’s the reason off-page optimization is like well management. Anyhow you can start your off-page optimization by paying notice to the following practices and knowing the working of search engines.

Techniques to acquire links from Good reputable websites

  • Try submitting infographics on different infographic sites. You can also submit the blogs to online journals and popular guest blogging websites. By and larger, you will acquire a link from them in the top or bottom of the post. You may also be listing  in local search profiles and social bookmarking in different social media channels. While the external links are generally not for search ranking, they can help increase the click, which will produce more traffic to your site.
  • You can also ask various businesses if they would like to link to your site. A proper approach to do this is to check whether the organizations you have work with have link pages on their sites for affiliates, vendors, , partners, etc. Thus SEO works more efficiently by using result-giving link building.

Content is the essential thing for both site visitors and search engines

  • If you stay aware of the recent online marketing news, you would likely to learned a lot about content marketing and the importance of highly engaging content. Interactive and engaging content is excellent for both site guests and search engines.
  • The more adequate, informative, and engaging content you have, the more chances your audience will stick around on your site. Likewise, it affects the working of the search engine to put a more significant number of your site pages in their search indexes.
  • The best method to satisfy both users and search engines is to have good quality content on your site. Different types of quality content that you may offer on your site are-
  1. Industry articles
  2. blog post
  3. Ebooks
  4. Infographics
  5. slides
  6. videos
  7. podcasts
  • Writing high-quality content for your website can be a huge experience. However, without being affected by all the troubles, Web crawlers will love it, and guests will value it so much that they will share in various social media channels.

Monitor your SEO campaigns

The last point of the “How SEO works guide” is to analyze or monitor your SEO campaigns and related results. The most essential tools to monitor the website performance are:-

  • Google analytics 

Google analytics helps to track visitors and measure the performance of your site specifically. Checking your organic traffic to decide what keywords are performing to your site. Setting goals enables you to quickly see which keywords lead to visits where guests do what you need them to do on your site. This helps you to realize what keywords you should focus in your SEO campaign.

  • Authority Labs

These tools help you track the keyword ranking in your site so you can check whether they are rising in search results or not.


After all these points suggest in the How SEO works in digital marketing guide. Then you can definitely implement your SEO campaign in the right way and optimize your site’s ranking in SERP. After understanding the working of the search engine, you will start receiving higher traffic through organic search as well.

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