Difference between Traditional Marketing & Digital Marketing

Traditional and digital marketing are both different concepts, but their goals are similar to generate brand awareness and better conversions. If you want to know their difference, just read our articles , but before jumping into their differences, Firstly lets understand their meaning and reason for why this type of marketing is beneficial for you.

Meaning of Traditional Marketing?

Traditional marketing is also called standard marketing that is done through offline mediums such as TV commercials, radio commercials, newspapers, telemarketing, magazines, billboards, flyers, and posters. Most Businesses used this marketing concept earlier to promote their product. There are four stages of traditional marketing such as interest, awareness, desire, and decision.

Meaning of Digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a modern marketing method in which we market our products through various digital channels such as social media, websites, youtube, and search engines. It is also called online marketing, and most marketers consider this type of marketing because it is a new approach to attract customers more quickly than traditional marketing.

Difference Between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing



  • Simply connect with the target audience:- You can easily target your future customers by placing an advertisement on local news channels related to geographical areas.
  • Save hard copies:-Audience have the opportunity to save the hard copies of the ads which are appear in the newspaper and magazines. So that they can buy the product or services if they are interested. They also can share that hard copies with anyone they want.
  • Easily acknowledgeable:-People are very habituated towards the standards ads, and they watched for a long time, so they easily understand and acknowledge them.
  • High reach:- The customer base in traditional marketing is vast so you can reach millions of customers through a single ad in just one circulation. Traditional marketing is highly effective especially for those living areas where there no internet or lack of network connectivity available


  • Cost-effective:- Digital marketing is highly cost-effective. Especially for those who have a small business or startup can easily promote their products and services with less capital investment or minimum budget.
  • Connect your audience with effective and relevant content. Content is consider the king on the internet. If you have effective and powerful content, you can quickly connect your audience.
  • Generate conversion: You can quickly convert your customers and generate the sales for your business via digital marketing channels
  • Higher Revenue:- With higher customer engagement and conversion, your business will achieve higher profit. As a result, your company can grow both internationally and domestically.
  • Help to Generate brand awareness: Through Digital marketing, you can create and increase your brand awareness among the people and support them by updating the new products and offers.
  • Achieve Higher ROI:-Digital marketing helps the businesses to achieve higher revenue at minimum costs and also helps to achieve the better ROI.



Traditional marketing is a type of advertising or promotion done by the companies through conventional channels such as radio, newspaper, television, prints, banners, etc. On the other hand, digital marketing is the method of promoting products and services through many online channels such as youtube,Facebook,Google,email etc.


Traditional marketing is stable, But digital marketing is powerful

Conversion Rate

In digital marketing, the conversion rate from potential customer lead is much faster than traditional marketing. Because digital marketing is data-driven marketing that helps to create qualified leads through targeting the audiences according to their interest and likes.


Customer engagement is an interaction between the company and the customer via different marketing channels. In digital marketing, the engagement rate is quite higher than traditional marketing because the customers can directly view the details of products and offers by clicking any website or an online advertisement. Therefore you don’t need to visit any store or showrooms to get the product information.


You cannot calculate the return on investment in traditional marketing, but you can easily calculate in digital marketing.


Digital marketing is highly cost effective but less expensive, while traditional marketing is less cost effective but highly expensive.


Through traditional marketing, it is not possible to track the customers. But on the other hand, with digital marketing, you can easily track which customers viewed the product most, where they are coming from, and how many customers purchase the product.

Personal Touch

Traditional marketing uses the standard marketing technique to target the customers and market the products on a large scale with a low personal touch. But on the other hand, digital marketing uses the personal marketing method where it shows only those products to the customer who have recently taking interested in your product and search it over the internet for a very long time.


In traditional marketing, Once, the ad is placed, you cannot do changes, but in digital marketing, you can do the changes anytime, even after your ad is placed.


In traditional marketing, you can target the audience on particular geographical locations only, so there is limited reach in the area where the ad appears to be shown. However digital marketing you can target the audience globally through the internet. Therefore, this marketing is not limited to a particular area only.

Result Oriented

Digital marketing offers quick and real-time results to the advertiser. But ,traditional marketing takes a lot of time to give the results to the marketer


In digital marketing cases there is no limitation to watching ads continuously You can also skip them when you are not interested in that ad or are not helpful. But, in traditional marketing cases, there is no option to skip the ads, and you are obligate to watch them.

Communication channel

Traditional marketing is one way of communication where you can provide product information only. But digital marketing is a two-way communication where you can give the product information to the customer by placing multiple ads; customers also submit their feedback or reviews about the products and services.


DefinitionIt is marketing that done through various traditional marketing channels such as television radio, direct mail, etcIt refers to the marketing of products through different online channels such as social media, display ads , the internet, etc
NatureStable         Active
EngagementQuiet LowQuiet High
ROINot measurableCan be measurable
CostLess effective and highly expensiveHighly effective and less expensive
Performance TrackingNot possiblePossible
ChangesNot possible once the ad is runPossible even after the ad is run
ResultsProvide late resultsQuick and real-time results
CommunicationOne wayTwo way
InterferenceAudience cannot skip the adsIt allows you to skip the ads
Types of Traditional Marketing

Lets understand one by one

  • One to One Marketing :- It is an SMS marketing or telemarketing which includes advertising of products via telephone or SMS .
  • Referral Marketing :- This marketing is also known as word-of-mouth marketing, where you can share the product information with the customers.
  • Outdoor marketing:- Outdoor marketing is a marketing campaign that uses outdoor media such as billboards, hoardings, and other outdoor signs.
  • Print Marketing:- Promote the products through the newspapers, journals, magazines, posters, daily news, classified and internet-based periodically
  • Broadcasting:- It is type of advertising that provides entertainment news, knowledge, information on television and radio.
  • Direct mail:- Direct mail is the process of advertising the products to the customers via postal mail, which includes brochures, postcards, flyers, newsletter and sales letter.
Types of Digital Marketing
  • PPC (Pay-Per-Click ):- It is an advertising strategy of internet marketing in which the advertiser pays specific amount every time when someone clicks one of their ads. This marketing is generally use to drive the quick traffic to the website. You might have seen the ads on the top of Google and Bing’s results.
  • Email Marketing:- Email Marketing is the communication method in which the sender sends emails related to the latest products, new offers, events, etc., to their targeted customers and directs them to the business website.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):-  It is a set of practices of optimizing your website to increase traffic and visibility in terms of quality and quantity and improve the ranking of web pages in organic search results.
  • Inbound Marketing:- It is the process of helping future customers that discover your business through content marketing, social media marketing, branding etc. Basically It involves closing, delighting, attracting and converting new customers.
  • Online PR :- It stands for online public relations and helps to make public relations activities by using various online platforms such as social media, blogs, websites, etc.
  • Marketing Automation:- It is a type of software created to perform effective marketing operations on multiple platforms and automate repetitious tasks such as emails.
  • Affiliate Marketing:- It is a strategy of advertising through which you can sell another company’s product to earn a partial amount in the form of fees or commission.
  • Native advertising:- Native advertising is the type of paid ad that is created to match the look and the format of the media in which they occur.Generally they are found in feeds of social media
  • Content Marketing:-Creating the content, publishing and promoting it to the target customers to build brand awareness, increase traffic, generate leads etc., through the various advertising channels and websites.

Finally, to close this discussion, we can say that today the audiences are most active on the internet, digital marketing has evolved long years back, but it has become popular today and more beneficial than traditional marketing in terms of cost and results. Therefore, most smart organizations use both marketing and build strong relationships with customers and achieve their objectives.

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